Electric Autonomous Mutant Vehicle

Building the RIDICULOUS


Six fully-electric mutant vehicles will merge to form the TechnoGecko. It's a community project by the Dreammakers, the team that brought you the DiscoFish.


Notable Features

  • 6 Full Vehicle Modules (2 Completed)

  • Fully Autonomous (☑ GPS setup,☑ LIDAR installed, full integration underway)

  • ☑ All Electric

  • ☑ 2 Dance Poles

  • ☑ Fire / Flames

  • ☑ Articulating Wheels

  • ☑ Trusses for Aerial Artists

  • ☑ DJ Platform with Premium Sound System

  • ☑ Autonomous Driving Beer Robot named Keggy

  • ☑ LED System Wirelessly Synced Across Modules

  • ☑ Mr. Tipsy - Robotic Bartender that mixes 30+ drinks

Current progress on the TechnoGecko — 2 of 6 modules done // Current capacity at 120 burners // BM2019

Current progress on the TechnoGecko — 2 of 6 modules done // Current capacity at 120 burners // BM2019


Why We Build

We are builders, dreamers, creators, innovators, engineers, coders, artists, fabricators, welders, electricians, seamstresses, entrepreneurs… to ask why we build is to ask why a bird flies.

image_from_ios (2).jpg

Building is Our Culture

We celebrate building. We see builders as the unsung heroes who create the future. We build to connect with people, as a sport with our besties. We’re technically advanced. We thrive on complexity. We analyze, we learn, we create. We dream what can’t be seen. Engineering creations pour out of us, with work and play becoming
indistinguishable from each other. We smile when others declare our ideas ridiculous – then we know we’re onto something good.


Inspire Our Children

"I have two young daughters, and they have grown up in a world of building. I wanted them to see that one could take a very normal looking bus and turn it into something fantastical. One day, on the highway, my daughter pointed ahead – “Look Papa, Another DiscoFish!” We caught up, and sure enough, it was another white E350 21 person bus, just like the base platform for DiscoFish. My daughter stared, incredulous, "Well? Aren't they going to do something with it?" Because, for the daughters of mutant vehicle builders, molding the common world into magical dreams is what we do." -Michael Worry


The Joy of Being Unreasonable

The next generation needs to see that life doesn't come in a shrink wrapped package from Amazon. We want people to know that the bigger and more ridiculous the dream, the more creative, talented, and brilliant people will be drawn to make it real. We say too much of society is focused on being reasonable, limiting thinking to what we can buy, looking for simple answers to complex problems, and being wastefully anxious trying to be normal. We want our community to share in the excitement and joy of being completely unreasonable, to know the power of bringing into reality that which many would consider impossible.


We need you

TechnoGecko only becomes a reality on the Playa because of the donation of talent, time, sweat, materials, and money from passionate people like you. If you would like to contribute any or all of the above, please contact us now.

If you have extra cash, cryptocurrency, or stock, please donate it to our 501(c)(3) (DreamMakers) tax-free.

News & Updates


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