Get a Hot Booty

And Help US Raise $7,500 for TechnoGecko BASS


Hey Girls and Guys:
Get that burner booty ready for bass!

This workout program is designed to truly give you that round booty popping look that will have you crushing in your costumes. We are running this challenge as a benefit to build the bass system for the new mutant vehicle TechnoGecko, built by the same people who created Discofish.

June 4th - August 26th


100% of sales will go towards building the new sound system.

Not only are we helping you build that booty, we are giving you the place and the bass to come shake it on the playa. Support the TechnoGecko and get that booty ready.

Starts Monday, June 4th

It's go time. The man burns soon! This is a 12-week group challenge is designed to get results. We are not fucking around.


only 30 minutes per day

Unlike other booty programs, this is a strength-based program that will truly build and sculpt a round and firm posterior.

This is not just leg lifts and squats, we hit the glutes from all directions to craft a beautiful behind.

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Your Coach: Vanessa Lambert

Vanessa fuses her distinguished knowledge in health, diet, and fitness, with her
expertise in mindfulness for a 360-degree experience in holistic life coaching. She has
coached over 2,500 remote clients under Bee The Wellness and the Primal Blueprint,
and hundreds of seminar and retreat guests at world-famous PrimalCon events, Paleo
f(x), and Bee the Wellness adventures.


How it works


Join US Anywhere

This is an online group challenge that uses the Vimify mobile app. With this app, you will get daily workouts and other daily tasks that will help you build the habits that will ensure your success.


We are All in this together

We are all starting together, and we will hold each other accountable until we are on the road to Black Rock City. In the Vimify App, we will support each other no matter what for the next 12 weeks. We all look and feel amazing in time for the burn.


Expert help, support, and feedback

Ask questions, share your successes, and vent your frustrations with the group in the app. Vanessa will be there 24/7 to make sure you stay on track.




Better Alignment

Many of us suffer from poor posture. Tight, shortened hip flexors, weak, over-stretched hip extensors and glutes that ‘forget’ how to activate properly all contribute to the most commonly observed postural deviations: swayback and kyphosis-lordosis. What’s more, forward-tilting hips push the abdomen out, creating the illusion of a ‘gut’, even in the absence of excess belly fat.


Increase Bone Density

Bone density peaks somewhere between 5 and 10 years after we reach skeletal maturity. Starting as early as age 30, old and damaged bone is resorbed faster than new bone is formed resulting in increased risk of osteopaenia (lower than normal bone density) and osteoporosis (a progressive bone disease).


Protect Your Hips, Knees And Ankles

Strong glutes support the lower back. When the glutes aren’t strong enough to perform their hip extension function, muscles that weren’t designed for the job will take over. Over time, these ‘helper’ muscles may become overstressed, resulting in pain and compression in the lumbar spine, hips and knees.


Improved Athletic Performance

The gluteus maximus is capable of generating an enormous amount of power. This power can be translated into sports-specific speed, acceleration, vertical distance, and endurance. Training the hips to extend powerfully and propel the body forwards is key to improving your ability to perform in a plethora of activities.


Fat Loss And Fat Loss Maintenance

Studies suggest that for every pound of muscle you build, your body will burn an extra 50 calories per day. Given that the glutes and hamstrings are two of the largest muscle groups in the body, their potential contribution to fat loss is not to be underestimated.


Sexy Back

Let’s face it. We want to look good. Having a well balanced, developed and toned back side is aesthetically pleasing for both men and women alike. By taking time to specifically train the glutes we not only shape our backside but give better shape and symmetry to the entire lower body.


Where Will the money go?



The stage module is 1 of 6 electric vehicles of the TechnoGecko. It faces the right (robot) side of the vehicle.


Under the stage

4 box speakers will fill the playa with clean bass from under the stage.


Custom Built Boxes

Each box is designed with cutting-edge acoustic technology and will contain two 21-inch speakers. You will feel the bass, and you will love it.


Our Goal: $7,500

That's 100+ people. Invite your friends!


Make 2018 your HoTTEST burn ever!

AND help us make the TechnoGecko sound AMAZING!
Tell a friend, and join now!

Starts Monday, June 4th!


Please consider making a donation to our main fundraiser: